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November 2018 Update

This was a month of giving - of asking friends to give for school fees for kids in Kenya and giving thanks for their generous donations.

Russ Brine, who is the Chairperson Trustee of St. John Bosco Education Trust, spoke one weekend at all six masses at St. John Church. He thanked the people of St. John Church for their generous support of 45 students at the St. John Bosco Centre in Kitali, Kenya. All of them will be attending good quality Catholic boarding schools when the new school year begins in January.

Connecticut November 2018

We drove to Pittsburgh for the ASME Annual Conference, and on our way there, we stopped in Sewickley to spend some time with friends. It was good to be with them. They were married four years ago at Noroton Presbyterian Church in Darien, and since then they have enjoyed their new life in their new home and their new church with their many new friends there.

Pittsburgh November 2018

Marilyn toured Fallingwater, the Kauffman family weekend home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It is constructed of sandstone, quarried on the 5,000 area property, and built on rock above a water fall. The Kauffmanns enjoyed communing with nature in this idyllic home from 1935 to 1963.

Pennsylvania November 2018

We had an International Thanksgiving Day with eight friends from Kenya and two from Australia. We cooked the turkey and the traditional foods that go with it, and our friends brought their favorite festive Kenyan foods, including samosas, pilau, fried plantains and mukimo.

Connecticut November 2018

Please pray with us –

Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
draw us closer to You, and
turn our hearts and attention to You.
Help us to follow You more nearly,
and to glorify Your name by loving others.
And help us to courageously illumine
Your goodness for others.

~Living Faith