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October 2018 Update

Fall has arrived. The leaves are turning to brilliant gold and orange, and even when the sun is shining, the air is crisp and cool. And there have been some nights when the temperature has gotten down to close to freezing.

Our small group of twelve people is gathering every other Sunday evening. We are reading and discussing “Chasing the Lion - if your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough”. It’s by Mark Patterson, who is with a church in Washington, DC, that started there in Union Station.

Connecticut October 2018

It was wonderful to see so many kids in Darien helping to feed God’s hungry children in other parts of His world. Around 200,000 meals consisting of rice, soy, veggies and vitamins were packed over a weekend.

Connecticut October 2018

Over 300 hundred friends and family celebrated Pete’s life at a wonderful Eucharistic Celebration of Resurrection at St. John Church in Darien. And afterwards everyone gathered at Woodway Country Club for a luncheon reception, and we heard stories about fun times with Pete from some of his close friends.

Connecticut Octber 2018

Our friend Russ, who had lived in Kenya for 15 years and has been in Cambodia these past two years, spent a week with us. He grew up in Seattle, and so he enjoyed being close to the water, and walking to the beaches and seeing the beautiful sunsets here in Rowayton.

Connecticut October 2018

Please pray with us –

Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
You created us in Your image,
and we rejoice that we can share
Your love and life.
Thank you for holding us safely
in Your love no matter
how our world might be whirling.
Lord, please help us to see
the opportunities to give to others
and to share Your love with them.

~Living Faith