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February 2019 Update

It was a short month with a few days of light snowfall. Some blue sky and warm sunshine days remind us that springtime, with flowers and green leaves, is just aroung the corner.

“Pastor from Gaza” is Hanna Massad’s book about his life in Gaza, and then in Jordan. He and his wife Suhad and their two teenage daughters now live in Connecticut. They are bright shining lights to many Christians who live in dangerous Middle Eastern places.

Connecticut February 2019

Friends of Suhad admire the handiwork of Iraqi women in Jordan, who worked together to create a beautiful hexagon quilt. It is a masterpiece of thousands of two inch squares of fabrics that are reproductions of 1930’s cotton prints.

Connecticut February 2019

Rowayton friends and neighbors gathered in our home one Sunday for our annual brunch. It was a fun time, and it helped everyone to chase away the winter blahs - for one afternoon, at least.

Connecticut February 2019

The PEP (People Encouraging People) group at Noroton Presbyterian Church in Darien, CT learned all about the opioid crisis, which is happening among seniors as well as young people.

Connecticut February 2019

Please pray with us –

Giver of all good gifts,
open our minds to see how best
to share our talents and treasures.
Open our hands both to give
and to receive in a way
that reflects Your love.
Help us to trust that each gesture
of kindness, each desire to care,
and each desire to love has value.

~ Boundless Compassion by Joyce Rupp