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Four Photos and Stories About What We Did in July

It’s wintertime in Meru, even though we are just three kilometers north of the equator. July is the coldest month of the year here in Kenya, with cold winds that blow up from South Africa, which is a long way south of the equator and where it is really wintertime.

Vivian at Kenya School of Law
We spent four days at Nambale Magnet School, in Western Kenya, near Busia and the Ugandan border. NMS is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. When it opened in 2009, there were just 35 primary students, and now there are 435.

Kenya July 2019

Joyce at Rossholme School
We and two young friends walked the streets of Meru with lots of supporters of the often hidden children who have cerebral palsy, autism, dyslexia and Downs Syndrome. This Wheel and Walk event was sponsored by Furaha Day Care Centre which offers quality day nursing care, play, meals, sensory integration and occupational therapy for these exceptional children.
Kenya July 2019

Young Friends in Meru
We visited a sponsored student at St. James Secondary School in Ruiri. It is an oasis in a semi-desert area. A borehole was drilled there two years ago - and water has been flowing, without a pump, ever since. There are now bananas growing on the school grounds, and lots of maize and beans in the surrounding shambas.

Kenya July 2019

Caroline, Paul and their girls
The grandparents of another sponsored student now have electric lights in their home. “The Last Mile” of the Rural Electrification Program has brought power to many people who have lived all their lives without it, on the small plots of land they were given after Kenya won its Independence in 1964.

Kenya July 2019

Please pray with us –

Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
please show us the way
to grow closer to You,
and find peace in each day.
Help us to focus
on what’s well and dear,
the soft, cool breeze
and the flowers and trees.
Uplift our spirits
so we daily do see
Your goodness and grace
are all around us.

~ The Christophers