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Latest Update

We Talk With Each Other Pope Francis said "Walking, always being on the way, means always communicating" - and three of young friends (one from Meru and two from Nairobi) walked from one end of Meru to the other end to show that they care about children with Cerebral Palsy and Autism. Our new friend Mareck, who came from Poland 20 years ago, organized the walk to promote the Furaha Centre in Meru, which he founded and directs.

Kenya August 2018

We Want to be Smart
Caroline and Paul, who are both with Life Ministry Kenya, visited us in Meru after spending some time with their three LMK colleagues in Isiolo. Having a vehicle has made trips like this outside Nairobi possible for them and two little girls. They are so grateful for everyone who helped them to purchase their VW last December.

Kenya July 2018

She’s Sixteen and Beautiful
We flew from Nairobi to Dubai, and then on to Athens, where we stayed for five days in a small hotel just a couple of blocks from the entrance to the Acropolis. We walked to the top to see The Pantheon, which was built in the 6th century BC, and is now a huge reconstruction project.

Athens August 2018

You are not Welcome Here
Then we flew to Santorini, an island in the Aegean Sea, which was formed by a volcano eruption four hundred years ago. Today thousands of people go there on holiday in the summer months to see the spectacular cliffs, the white washed buildings and the beautiful sunsets.

Santorini August 2018

Please pray with us –

Build your church, Lord,
make us strong Lord,
join our hearts Lord
through your Son;
Make us one, Lord,
in your body,
in the Kingdom of your Son.

~St. Paul Anglican Church in Athens