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Amazing Places in Israel, Jordan, Kenya and Rowayton

at Brendan's 101 in Rowayton until March 15

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Wine Jar in Cana   Sea of Galilee   Boat on the Sea of Galilee   Olive Trees in Gesthemane  

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Akko (Acre)  Shepherds’ Field  Akko (Acre)  Akko (Acre)  

Camels and Cave in Petra  Tzfat (Safed)  Tzfat (Safed)  Cliff Homes-Petra  

The Face in the Siq-Petra   Sacred Place-Petra   The Treasury-Petra 

Bird of Paradise   Passion Fruit Seedlings  Sugar Bush Flowers   Bougainvillea  

"Mama Giraffe and Youngster  Mama Cheetah and Cub   Young Elephant 

Greens Ledge Light  Greens Ledge Light  NYC Skyline At Sunset   Sea Gull  

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