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We accomplished what we set out to do in Kenya. We visited the five mission partners of our churches in Connecticut - Rossholme Education Centre in Kiambiu slum in Nairobi, St. John Bosco Education Program in Kitale, Nambale Magnet School in Western Kenya, Tumaini Children’s Ministry in Nyeri and Life Ministry Kenya in Nairobi. We also met with a second year Med student who is being sponsored during his studies at Kampala University in Uganda.

To learn more about these programs, please see You Can Help.

We are self-supported missioners. We’ve rented our home and our Roton Point unit, and this is the 16th summer that we have lived with local people in Kenya. Last year we kept in touch with our friends here by text and email.

We have visited students in schools in six different regions. We have also spent time with some young people that we, and many of our friends and family members, have helped to go to colleges and universities. Quite a few of them now have good jobs - and they are helping others to improve their lives.


Marilyn’s photo of the Greens Ledge Light is in the Marine and Coastal Art Exhibit at Rowayton Arts Center September 5 to October 2nd.

We hope that you will visit Rowayton Arts Center where Greens Ledge Light is for sale, as well as a couple of Marilyn's unframed photos. Some of her notecards are also for sale there - and Marilyn will make notecards with any of the new photos she took in Kenya and Jordan. Just let her know which ones you’d like.