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It’s wintertime now in Kenya. Mornings are often grey and foggy and cold – and everyone wears layers and waits for the sun to appear for a few hours later in the day. The August school break will be just two weeks - from the second to the sixteenth. Please pray for all students as they write end-of-term two exams before the break – and for their safety and health while they at home during the break.

We are self-supported missioners – and we thank the families who rented our Roton Point unit and our home. They have made it possible for us to spend our 19th summer living with local people in Kenya.

We are visiting students in schools in five different regions, and we are spending some time with young people that we, and many of our friends and family members, have helped to go to colleges and universities. Most of them have good jobs - and they are helping their children, the next generation, to have better lives.

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Marilyn has some new wildlife photos in Photo Gallery - and she will make note cards with these animals - and with birds too - when we are back home in CT in mid-Sept. Your purchases will help some children in Kenya with school fees for the Third Term.

Wildlife of Kenya   

Birds of Amboseli