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We arrived in Kenya on May 15th, and spent 10 days in Nairobi, where we had lunches with some of our young friends in our favorite places, Alexandre, Java House and Artcafe. And now here in Meru, we discovered The Red Tomato, which is new since we were last here in August, 2018.


We are self-supported missioners – we’ve rented our home and our Roton Point unit - and we’ve lived with the local people in Kenya for the past fourteen summers.

We’ve spent time with young people that we, and many of our friends and family members, have helped to go to school. It is our hope that these graduates will get good jobs - and that they will in turn help to raise other at-risk children out of their poverty.


Since 2005 we have been raising money for the education of children and young people and providing counseling and emotional support to them. Some are still in primary and secondary schools. Others have graduated and gone on to universities or vocational schools. The need continues.

We are also involved in various ways with a number of schools and other organizations in Kenya.

Visit the You Can Help page to learn more.